Sunday, September 9, 2012


I had a couple of incidents this last weekend that made me realize that I no longer had the desire to shop.  On Saturday, my husband and I drove around to do some errands and get some things for the house.  We went to a town that's 45 minutes away, so he asked me where else I'd like go since we were out there.  I thought about the normal places that I like to shop and couldn't think of one place that I wanted to buy anything in, except for an organic grocery store.

Today, a friend wanted to go shop at Goodwill with me.  We've done this before and I used to purchase name brand purses to put in my shop booth.  Instead, I took the opportunity to bring in the 6 boxes, 1 bag and stereo that I had decluttered, and brought them to Goodwill.  Inside the store, I talked myself out of the 1 thing I was tempted to buy.

But in a weak moment, we stopped at a garage sale on the way home.  I found a set of 3 nesting bread pans from a specialty name brand for $7.50.  They were new and since I had our loaf pan earmarked for replacing, I thought this was a good thing to get.

Not a bad trade at all, today.  I unloaded 6 boxes, 1 bag, a stereo system for a set of 3 nesting loaf pans.  And I don't feel like I need to go shopping at all, except for groceries.

Our old loaf pan is already in the next giveaway box.

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