Monday, September 10, 2012

Downside of Being A Minimalist

A couple months ago I heard a news story that people who eat organic are less nice than those that eat unhealthy foods.  The reason is that those who eat organic already feel like they did their good deed and basically used up their niceness.  

The same can be true for some Minimalists.  I've been reading a couple minimalist blogs and saw quite a few judgemental comments.  Comments telling the blogger how they could do it better, differently, shouldn't do that or have that if they are a minimalist.  Perhaps Minimalists have already used up their "nice" energy by feeling good about their lifestyle.

I can see how one can get to this point.  A person could focus in on their lifestyle and viewpoint and dial down so much, they can't understand why others don't do the same.  

I felt myself dipping my toe into this attitude, last weekend.  Comments such as "that's why I want to become a Minimalist" and advice given to a friend to not accumulate stuff came out of my mouth.  These were meant nicely but could have been taken as judgemental.  

I must remember that my life choices are my own choices.  They aren't for everyone nor should they be prosthelytized to those whose hearts are not open to the same.

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