Saturday, September 8, 2012

Longarming The Craft Room

My focus on decluttering has been the craft room this last week.  It's pretty bad in there.  I won't post pics yet - but to give you an idea, yesterday I celebrated the fact that I could take 2 steps without my feet hitting any clutter.  

What's in there that takes so much space?

  • Knitting, spinning, needle felting, weaving, fiber arts materials
  • Quilting supplies
  • Photos and family memorablia
  • Stuff that we stored a long time ago for a garage sale
  • Stuff we stuffed in there when there was no other room for stuff 
  • Huge dining table from my growing up years used for a sewing table (overkill?)
  • Metal cube shelving for craft supplies - 2 sets
  • Bookshelf with stereo on top
  • Reach in closet
  • Iron & board because I ironed my fabric more than clothes
Today I came across a box of stuff that I knew was there, but forgot was there for awhile.  It was the paperwork for when I had a Longarm & Custom Quilt Making business.  I haven't had this business since maybe 7 years ago.  When I stopped the business to get a more stable job, I just boxed things up in case someday I'd want to convert a room for the business again and purchase a $15,000 - 25,000 longarm machine.  

That's not going to happen in this house anymore.  The longarm and quilt business dream is gone, so I recycled the files and saved a few things to sell or give away.

This exercise was refreshing.  I was able to put a part of my past behind me and firmly decide that I would never again go back to that business.  A little therapy, and a lot more clutter gone.

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