Friday, September 7, 2012

I Want

This minimalism thing isn't easy.  Lately, I've been wanting things like:

  1. an Oberon cover for my kindle
  2. bamboo shades for the bathroom
  3. new rugs for the bathroom
  4. Ikea Expedit shelves
  5. new tray for keys

However, I am trying to go with the adage of "make do and mend."  Instead, I am trying to be content with:

  1. the old kindle lighted cover, even though it's heavy and the prongs are starting to bend and make my kindle re-set a bit.  But I now want the new paperwhite kindle, so a new cover would be silly to get now.
  2. Vera Bradley bath towel hanging in the bathroom window.  We used to have a different curtain, but then we got new windows and the old won't fit the same way.
  3. Mainly the shower/bath rug.  I am making do with a white towel folded in half.
  4. Do I need these?  They will just cause me to store more stuff.
  5. Use the old one until I can find something around the house that I like better.
 I think the only thing on the "need" list is the bamboo shades.  I have about $12 that I made from the consignment shop last month, so maybe next month I'll have enough for the shades. 

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