Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Advantage - No More Garage Sales

Garage sale Treasure?
I was raised by a mom who had a radar for garage sales.  With a husband who made about $300 a week and 5 kids, it made a lot of sense, and she made it fun.  Garage Sale-ing has been a boon to me in my own time to get stuff for cheap, if you know how to shop them.  But now becoming a minimalist, they look different to me.  I stopped at couple on my way to work and couldn't find a single thing that I wanted.  How could I buy more stuff when I have plenty that I don't want at home?  The thrill of the hunt was gone, and I wondered why I was wasting my time.  No more garage sales, at least for now.

On the reverse side, I saw how how little business they were making and realized that I no longer wanted to host a garage sale either.  All that work to display my junk to others just doesn't seem worth it anymore.  Charity pick up is the method of choice.

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