Monday, September 3, 2012

6 Boxes and 1 Bag

Last Friday was a charity pick up day.  I gathered up 6 boxes, a bag and a clock and it was gone before I got home.  What an amazing feeling to have that unwanted stuff gone!  Some had been in my spare befroom for awhile, waiting for that garage sale that just wasn't happening.  I hope someone else will be blessed by this stuff - there is quite a few nice and useful things there, just no longer wanted or needed here.

I also started a couple of pages to keep my craigslist sales and my freecycle giveaways more organized.  That way, people can see pics of what is available in one place, fall in love with the stuff and give it a new home.  It's like the Island of Lost Stuff - stuff just waiting for a new person to love them.

The only downside to this, is that it really doesn't feel like I've scratched the surface yet.  One step at a time, though, one step at a time.

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