Thursday, August 30, 2012

In the Beginning...

A Yurt - My ultimate Minimalism Lifestyle Dream
I don't know when the allure of minimalism started for me.  In my growing up years, I was enamored with the Victorian era with their stuffed homes full of frilly things.  Minimalists were uptight people who lived in uncomfortable houses that were barren of personality.

The married years came and with it, our combined stuff and stuff given to me when my dad downsized and my grandmother passed away.  We were saving up stuff for when we could moved from apartment to house and our place was packed.

The house came along and we filled it within a couple of years.  It continued to fill up and now, there are more than a couple rooms that seem like storage rooms.  Phrases like "let's burn it all and start over" and "let's throw it all away" started entering our lives.  Minimalism sounded very nice now.

The last few years, we have been more willing to let go of things.  

  • No saving up stuff in case the next house needs it.
  • No children to pass things onto.
  • We have SABLE - Stuff Accumulated Beyond Life Expectency
  • It takes too long to clean - and some places didn't get clean very often because of stuff
  • Everything is more complicated because of having to move stuff or look around stuff too much
 I remembered the "good old days" when I could sit in my apartment and have a feeling of being done with cleaning and paperwork.  Everything was simple then and on a smaller scale.  I realized that my personality was such that I couldn't function in a consistent and healthy way with so much stuff to take care of anymore.  

Minimalism became my goal.

The last couple years have seen small steps taken in that direction.  If you looked at our home though, the word "minimalism" wouldn't be the first thing you'd say.  "Cluttered" and "stuffed" would be more appropriate.  But small steps lead to big changes.  Now is the time to take a bigger step forward and take minimalism to the forefront.

This blog is a recording of my journey toward Minimalism and Unstuffing our lives.  I hope you will join me and share the journey with me.

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