Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Closing a Shop Booth

Shop booth last winter
I've had a little shop booth in our downtown area, our town is the home of the original occasional sales so we get a lot of weekend traffic too.  With recent family crisis, I've decided to close it indefinitely and last night I hauled everything home.  Talk about going backwards in decluttering!

Fortunately, I had a 75% off sale the last couple weeks so there wasn't a lot left.  I had 5 medium sized boxes, a tea cart and dressmaker form torso.  That's it.  But I didn't have the heart to bring that stuff in the house all at once, so I left it in my truck to take a box out at a time.

I am making an inventory list of each box as I donate it to charity.  Probably not needed, but you get a better tax record that way.  Just a little prep work and it's gone.  Unfortunately, I am finding a few things that I don't want to donate.  These are either things that I want to keep or sell elsewhere.


No one wanted this stuff at 75% off.
I already decided awhile ago that I didn't want this stuff back.
All this takes time away from other things, and an untidy pile in the living room.

I just need to pack it all up, no matter what.   Or else I'll be "playing" with my semi-wanted stuff for a long time to come.

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