Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Boxing Up

I went home last night and sorted through the rest of the boxes from the shop booth.  And I bit the bullet and packed up most everything.  There were a few things I did keep out:

  1. 4 items to sell on Craigslist
  2. 2 teacup pincushions which I will keep 1 for myself and give one to my MIL for Christmas.  I used to make these a lot and they sold like hotcakes.
  3. Teacup saucer hanger - which I will put on my wall in my kitchen to use
  4. 3 designer hand bags that I bring to the consignment shop to sell
  5. a crystal water pitcher that I can't seem to give up.
I made a loose rule that if the item can be valued over $10, I'll try to sell it first.  The list of what's for sale is listed now on the upper right corner of this blog.  I put it there so I could find the stuff, so thanks for bearing with me.

About that crystal pitcher.  I found it at Goodwill and fell in love with it, it was made in Sweden and has a simple elegance.  I love the minimalism of the design, but will I ever use it?  I think that if it fits in my glass fronted shelves in the kitchen, I'll label the bottom with the date and see if I use it.  Otherwise, it's getting boxed up.

Two more things that don't fit in boxes are left from the shop; a dress form torso and a tea cart.  The dress form is going on Craigslist.  The tea cart will be offered to my siblings, since it was my mother's.  If no one wants it, then that will go to charity too. 

I think my mother would have been a minimalist if she had known what it was.  She was always getting rid of stuff and I don't think she'd want us to hold onto things like the tea cart if we didn't need them. 

And voila!  The inventory of a shop booth is gone in days.

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